Two New Songs You Should Hear

Beginning with a laid back, summery feel, Light Parades’ ‘Adolescence’ emphasises this with jangly guitars (marked slightly confusingly on their soundcloud as “the drop”), light vocals and a chorus full of “aahs”. Annoyingly, the lyrics are difficult to decipher without the aural equivalent of peering in for the entire song, although “if you believe in what they say/ then everything will be okay” are the clearest lines of the song, lining up well with the theme of growing up and being unsure about what will come upon growing up. Frankly, even if you ignore the lyrics of the verses, the song is musically very well put together, enticing you towards a lie down in the grass (bring on summertime!), with its clever effect of sounding totally chilled out whilst the guitars are actually quite busy.

‘Adolescence’ can be heard here:

Light Parades’ debut album Through All Times is out now.


The Postal Service: a remarkable electronic band who you would be forgiven for forgetting about/never knowing as they only released one album- ten whole years ago. Now, Give Up is getting an anniversary re-release with a second disc full of live tracks, remixes and covers, as well as two new songs. ‘Turn Around’ is one of those songs.

With inspirational lyrics above the band’s standard (almost alberti bass-like!) synthesised music, ‘Turn Around’ is about someone struggling with a demanding life, but lucky enough to have a friend looking out for them; ‘I won’t let you down/ this will turn around’. Set in a big city that could easily swallow someone innocent up, the song is totally relatable to anyone struggling with a celebrity dream: ‘Those pills don’t work/ they just make it worse’ and ‘this town, this sea’ indicate this. The musical basis of the song is extremely simple, allowing the simple catchiness of the chorus in particular to shine through; this is well done, as the repetitive ‘turn around’ that repeats many times towards the end of the song could become grating, but feels essential somehow. The song then allows the music to explore the keyboard more alone in an outro that fits perfectly.

‘Turn Around’ only indicates that those who have never heard Give Up absolutely have to, and those who bought it all those years ago should rediscover an old favourite, especially with the promise of the exciting extra disc.

Hear ‘Turn Around’ here:


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