Birthday Weekend & Nearing Graduation…

I’ve been awful at updating the blog over the last week or so and I feel bad about it but as lots has happened and I’ve got some good pictures I thought I could make up for it by writing about it!

The fun started last Friday (June 14th) when I was a guest of my boyfriend (Frazer) at the Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron Friends and Families Day and then their Charities Auction in the evening.

Me in a Grob Aircraft
The Typhoon
The Typhoon

The day consisted of a brief and stalls to inform us of what they did at the squadron (adventurous training, flying, charity work, socials etc.) as well as flying displays and the chance to view and sit in some of the planes. The planes we saw flying were the Harvard, the Typhoon, the Tucano and the Hawk (although the latter just did a fly-past and landing); the highlight was easily the Typhoon with its ridiculous speed, power and noise.

Us with a Hawk
Us with a Hawk

P1020477We then moved to another Officers’ Mess for dinner and an auction, with proceeds going to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and three other worthwhile local charities. Unfortunately our table was the last to get dinner but I still got my veggie option (a very nice lasagne!) even though Frazer missed out on the Chinese, and we made sure we got dessert. Watching everyone bid on the massive variety of prizes was fun- the auctioneer’s voice was perfect, even though I couldn’t understand everything he said, and it also got amusing when people started using other people’s numbers to bid on random prizes- such as the Girls’ Night In hamper for a guy!

We drove back to York that night in preparation for meeting up with my parents on Saturday who had kindly made the journey all the way up North from the Isle of Wight to share in my 21st birthday. That day we went watch shopping for a special 21st present for me, and we found a lovely Seiko from HM Samuel- even though I’d been window shopping in basically every other jewellery shop in York the week before to no avail! We also found a lovely café in which I had very yummy cheese scones, and dinner later on in Bella Italia was also perfect.

My bright floral/cat cake courtesy of Vintage Cake Company.
My bright floral/cat cake courtesy of Vintage Cake Company

The next day (Sunday) was my actual birthday, and I received a variety of geeky superhero, lovely owl and both aesthetically pleasing and delicious presents; for the second year in a row Paula at Vintage Cake Company outdid herself with a giant cupcake birthday cake with spot-on decoration, and I also received a decorated chocolate champagne bottle from Thornton’s.

It was York Carnival that day too (as well as Fathers’ Day- busy!) so we went into town for me to play and conduct with the university concert band before I decided to buy a Pandora bracelet with my birthday money, we had a quick pit stop in Café Nero and then we checked out York Dungeon which was so much fun! It was in a different style to the London Dungeon but both are fun in their own ways- in London there are more jump scares and loose wandering around whereas in York the group sticks together and is passed between actors and stories. However, Frazer got picked on by three different actors, so had the plague, went to trial and then to be executed (although only his ear was chopped off) and my dad was also picked on twice, also going to trial as well as being tortured. I was then swooped on for the last illusion as I was burnt at the stake as a witch! Needless to say, this was all hilarious and made it a great way to spend time with my family on my birthday.

Spider-Man and Wonder Woman.
Spider-Man and Wonder Woman

Next we toasted back at my house with a bottle of Moet champagne before going to the Tanglewood for dinner- a restaurant on York’s outskirts decorated with film and panto memorabilia and serving a delicious Sunday roast. We then returned to mine where I had friends round for a superhero-themed party to celebrate- seeing everyone dress up was great fun and we even played the good old party game Wink Murder. I enjoyed being Spider-Man for the night despite the fact that my onesie was boiling.

P1020608Lastly, on Wednesday (June 19th) was our university Summer Ball held at York Racecourse. A group of eight of us had a barbecue with cava beforehand (although I just had pasta as I’m an awkward veggie) before venturing to the venue. It was very crowded and drinks were expensive (although Frazer and I had both decided not to bother drinking anyway) but The Futureheads were great live, with two a capella songs demonstrating their musicianship and The Beginning of the Twist and Hounds of Love both bringing the roof down, and the fairground rides were brilliant fun- I’m glad I hadn’t drunk anything before I went on them though!

Overall, this post-exam time is creating some great opportunities for fun like these, but it is also very scary that we’re all leaving in one week!



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