Jessie And Danny Both Gone: Can The Voice Ever Be The Same?

That’s it: today, Danny O’Donoghue announced via Twitter that he will be following in Jessie J’s footsteps and calling it a day on BBC’s The Voice. Both have been coaches on both seasons so far, along with Will.I.Am and Sir Tom Jones, but they now want to focus on their respective music careers: Jessie on promoting and touring her upcoming album, and Danny on moving forward with his band The Script.

The big question is: can The Voice keep going without two of its integral components? The four coaches have made no secret of their all or nothing approach to coaching together, but with Jessie and Danny’s announcements coming a week and a half apart, will the other two be coming later or have they been persuaded to stay? Only time will tell.

One thing’s for sure: at least one female coach will be needed to replace Jessie, as she so often played the “I’m a girl, you’re a girl, I can teach you most!” card, but for that exact reason it would be good to see two ladies and a split gender balance on the show: her playing of this card got grating quite early on, so it shouldn’t be a novelty to be a woman.

The trouble is, Jessie J and Danny from The Script are both massive in the pop world right now, so if their fans don’t bother watching the show without them then the producers will need to find someone at least as big to draw in more fans (or keep the same fans around, if they have more than one loyalty). As brilliant as Sir Tom Jones is, he’s certainly not the one keeping the younger viewers watching, and people don’t seem quite as passionate about Will.I.Am as the two leaving coaches.

Personally, I loved Danny but found Jessie very annoying so am split about the dual departure. However, I do remain unconvinced that the BBC can surpass this huge coaching team of four stars in terms of talent and popularity; considering the numbers were not up to expectation anyway, trouble could be ahead. At this rate, I just won’t bother with the next series at all; the judges usually receive more focus than the contestants anyway!



What do you think?

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