The Results Of My Isle Of Wight Bucket List: Part Two

As one of my most viewed posts so far in a short space of time, my Isle of Wight Summer Bucket List: Top Ten clearly struck a chord with many; therefore, I have returned from my mission to tell you about what I got up to from the list! Here’s part two – part one is here.

5. Robin Hill

Unfortunately, this is the big thing on the list I majorly failed at doing this summer! I’m very disappointed in myself, but I just kept overlooking it. There’s no point writing anything else, so I’ll just refer you back to what I wrote about it in July here.

4. The Needles

The chairlift down to the beach is as fun as ever (it feels much more perilous than it is!), although it’s worth making sure you go on a nice clear day to make the most of the view, which is absolutely fantastic.

We sat on the beach at the bottom of the chairlift for a while soaking up the atmosphere and the beautiful view with boats strewn across the water. The Needles are a timeless and iconic visual of our Island, and Alum Bay is designed to experience this in a lovely way.

There’s a whole little park at the top of the chairlift, but we didn’t stay too long, just getting some ice cream, checking out the traditional sweet shop and then encountering the Island celebrity Derek Sandy as he started an afternoon set.

The view of The Needles from the chairlift.
The view of The Needles from the chairlift.

3. Cowes Week Fireworks

Once again, Cowes played host to the largest sailing regatta of its kind in the world, and on August 9th the celebration was opened up to all who came down to the seafront.

The Red Arrows put on a display that was as spectacular as ever, including the crowd favourite love heart, and they were followed by the Sea Vixen, the last airworthy example, which impressed all. To finish off the brisk evening, the almost infamous fireworks were on splendid form, creating a buzzing atmosphere.

The Red Arrows In Cowes
The Red Arrows In Cowes.

2. Compton Bay

Apologies, but I didn’t make it to Compton Bay, either. I shouldn’t have separated it from the general beaches bullet point! Have a beautiful picture instead:

Sunset at Compton Bay, facing towards Freshwater Bay.
Sunset at Compton Bay, facing towards Freshwater Bay.

1. Festivals And Events

The seafront piano at Ventnor Fringe.
The seafront piano at Ventnor Fringe. Photo © Dom Kureen.

In July, I went to nine out of ten of the main gigs at Newport Jazz Weekend, as I was writing about six of them for Yoppul and the Isle of Wight County Press. The calibre of music at this event was extremely high, with artists travelling from places as diverse as London, New York and elsewhere on the Island. Highlights were (although hard to choose!) both gigs featuring Keith Ingham on piano – the Aydenne Simone and Keith Ingham Trio, and the Best of British Jazz Legends) – and Derek Nash’s Sax Appeal.

One month later, Ventnor Fringe took over the whole Southern town, with events as varied as plays, spoken word, gigs, comedy and puppetry popping up on the seafront, in the Arts Club, in churches, and in a clearing in the woods. The event was in its fourth year, and is only getting bigger and better.


3 thoughts on “The Results Of My Isle Of Wight Bucket List: Part Two

  1. Michael Cargill September 27, 2013 / 3:26 PM

    Nah, the sequel isn’t as good as the original post. You cheated by not even visiting half of them, that’s almost a deus ex machina.

    I actually remember going on a boat to the needles and thinking that they’re just big lumps of rock.

    The Red Arrows are always awesome. We should send them to Syria, would save a fortune and we could charge the crowds a few bob too.

    That piano is freaky.

    • charlottetobitt September 27, 2013 / 8:43 PM

      Sorry to disappoint. Obviously I wanted to visit everything but unfortunately time and circumstances often get in the way.

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