McFly: Love Is On The Radio

At the risk of sounding like a total fangirl, I am excited to share with you the final mix of McFly’s new single, Love Is On The Radio. This is their new single as heard on the radio for the first time today after making its live debut at the Royal Albert Hall last month.

I feel justified in gushing about this to you because it is original, interesting and different to anything we’ve heard from McFly, or indeed most pop bands recently. The innovative addition of fiddle alone gives this song an extra edge that nothing else at the moment has, and the big build to the last chorus drives nicely towards the climax with its hook repetition and steady bass drum.

The lyrical material is fairly standard but its joy is infectious: “things are looking up, there’s magic everywhere you go, strangers stop to say hello.”

For McFly fans, the best way I can describe this is a cross between One For The Radio and Love Is Easy.

The single is released on November 3.


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