Sherlock: The Sign Of Three

Image courtesy of Fat Les

It’s no exaggeration to say season three, episode two of Sherlock was my favourite episode yet.

Looking through Twitter, it seems people were annoyed about the “lack of plot” but then conceded that actually it worked when Sherlock and the little boy, Archie, pointed out how it all tied together near the end.

But that’s how plot works- it doesn’t have to be painfully obvious the whole time! Just trust it and enjoy the ride- this series has taken lots of risks, so they were unlikely to suddenly completely muck it up on John’s wedding.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s performances in this were truly stunning. It’s the one thing that everyone says consistently after each episode, but they’ve even outdone themselves this time. From being complete lightweights and trying to solve a case while falling asleep drunk, to declaring their commitment to each other as best friends, it was impossible not to just sit there grinning at the TV.

Martin_Freeman_filming_SherlockMany were sceptical as to how Mary (Amanda Abbington, Freeman’s real life wife) could enter this dynamic, but in fact she has made the duo even more complete. Her level headed approach to helping the men at the end, and her cunning way of getting them out on a case together was delightful to watch.

As for the mystery – it was well worth the wait. To have a locked room puzzle loom over the wedding with what felt like no absolute guarantee of a conclusion was actually rather thrilling. And we got to enjoy references to lots of smaller cases along the way. What’s not to love?

Weddings are a celebration of love, and the way this episode was structured around one felt like a celebration of the adored TV series. Some people may enjoy the more serious, dark and reverential episodes of Sherlock, but this one just enjoyed everything great about the series, with a structure that it’s never used before. It was something slightly different, and is the first episode I’ve ever felt I could watch again almost immediately.

Images courtesy of Flickr user Fat Les


One thought on “Sherlock: The Sign Of Three

  1. Michael Cargill January 6, 2014 / 9:26 AM

    I haven’t actually watched any of this Cumberhatch Sherlock stuff yet. I probably should ‘cos everyone loves it.

    His rubber face kind of puts me off though, I reckon he only wears that scarf to soak up his face if it starts melting in the sun.

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