Gogglebox: Farage and gay marriage

Gogglebox is always full of eclectic opinions and comments, but there were two this week that I particularly wanted to address.

Firstly, the lovely elderly couple Leon and June criticised Channel 4 for showing Nigel Farage: Who Are You?, a documentary following the man behind the reputation.

Leon: “I’m ashamed of them for putting it on.”

June: “It’s an hour of ‘let’s get out of Europe’.”

They also condemned the way it portrayed Farage as a hero and may make swathes of people across the country like him (although I’m pretty sure not that many people watched it, anyway).

Why shouldn’t Channel 4 present Farage and his side of the argument? There will possibly be a referendum soon and people are starting to get interested in and educate themselves about the Europe in/out debate.

There have been two recent debates between Farage and Clegg – obviously this gives them both a chance to share their sides but after both there were polls that showed Farage “won”. Does that mean they shouldn’t have been showed, if they portrayed Farage in a risky good light?

Clegg’s team and any interested TV channel always have the opportunity to make a similar documentary to present him in a different light and further portray their side of the argument. It’s not Farage’s fault if they fail to do so.

Secondly, I saw some people on Twitter criticise Channel 4 for showing Ralph’s comments about gay marriage, most notably “It’s f**king wrong”.

But why shouldn’t they use them? Everyone watching Gogglebox knows how the programme works – there are cameras filming these people’s natural reactions to what’s on TV – and they show all sorts of comments that doesn’t show people in the best light.

If Ralph says something that many people in the UK now disagree with,then Ralph should be the one criticised. Channel 4 are simply trying to represent what people are actually thinking by showing a range of demographics in front of the TVs, and it wouldn’t work if that was censored.


What do you think?

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