Save the Isle of Wight Music Service – join the play-in

The brilliant Isle of Wight music service is under threat from being completely cut by the council, and there are some absolutely great music teachers who are facing redundancy.

The council says it can no longer justify “overspends” on the music service, but some of the teachers say there were only overspends this year because their budget had been cut back so severely already.

The music service, with its Saturday morning ensembles and amazing peripatetic teachers, is an invaluable lifeline for many of the Island’s youth who otherwise have little stimulation or something to really drive them forward.

I only joined towards the end of my school career as I was lucky that my school had an unusual wealth of musical ensembles, but I know from many of my friends that they were truly passionate about the music service for many, many years from a young age.

There’s a great article that explains the whole problem here.

I can’t make it to the play-in on Saturday but I hope that everyone who can get there does and so I’d like to share the appeal below:


in support of the


 Saturday, 26 April 2014   

1.45 pm gathering for a 2.15 pm performance

Newport – St Thomas’ Square 

(or in Newport Minster in case of rain)

 Come play your musical instrument or sing to make a joyful noise and speak out for music education on the island!!!  The IW Music Service is under threat.  Keep quality education in music available to ALL island children, not only the privileged few.

 Anyone on the island is welcome to come play or sing, including current pupils, past IW Music Service pupils, church musicians, and amateurs and professionals of any age.

 SPREAD THE WORD!!  Please pass this on – through email, Facebook and Twitter!!

 What: Play-in demonstration in support of the Isle of Wight Music Service – Music Service pupils and other island amateur and professional musicians do a pop-up performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

 Who: anyone on the island who plays a musical instrument or sings. Don’t worry if you haven’t played for a little while – dust off that instrument and give it a go!!

 When: Saturday, 26 April 2014    13.45 gather, 14.15 performance.  Please come at 13.45.

 Where: Newport, St Thomas’ Square (in case of rain, we will be in Newport Minster, next to St Thomas’ Square)

 Sheet music: shortened version of the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (Ode to Joy)

If you are able, please print out your part and bring it with you.

If you haven’t played for a while, there are “easy” parts for C, B flat, F and E flat instruments, as well the original music parts.   Advanced woodwinds are welcome to play some of the string parts if they choose!

 GO TO THIS LINK to find a sheet music part for you!

 Please bring:

–           Your musical instrument

–           Portable music stand

–           Clothes pegs (to hold sheet music in place on stand)

–           Sheet music (if you are able to print it at home)

–           Rosin, reeds, etc if applicable

–           Jacket/coat if we are outside

 If you can, PLEASE RSVP ASAP to, so we have an idea of what instruments will be there and can help prepare.


What do you think?

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