London Life

Until this week, it had been two months since I’d posted on this blog. Outrageous!

Lots has happened since then and I’m going to do a quick life update and possibly a reverie on how much I now love London.

In April, teaching finished for my MA Journalism and I had a few exams and big essay deadlines so I missed a couple of sunny weekends. But everything was a 2:1 or above and I managed to do lots of job applications at the same time so it was a frantic but worthwhile month or so.

I got a few job interviews out of it and ended up starting at London24 where I got to write about lots of fun, quirky stories and breaking news all from London. It had a long commute going all the way from Chiswick in the west to Ilford in the east but I enjoyed going on the Tube everyday and living the London life (except during the Tube strike. That was awful).

But then I got the call for a permanent job at the Surrey Advertiser – also as a trainee reporter – and it was a no brainer. So I jumped ship (with no hard feelings!) and now I’m working at a beautiful mill in Guildford and covering the rather lovely borough of Elmbridge. I miss being in London every single day but I like my drive commute and I’m still close enough to head into London for drinks on a weeknight if I fancy (which I have a couple of times).

So onto the more social things…

On my penultimate day at London24 we went to a party where there was Pat Sharp, space hoppers, Scalextric and Pacman. Obviously that was awesome.

I went on my first ever hen party in May for my brother’s fiancée. We went to Bunga Bunga for brunch, karaoke and lots and lots of bellinis and then headed into Kensington and Chelsea to Azteca for mojitos and nachos and then Piano Bar which is officially my favourite place now! (I’ve been back twice since).

I love Piano Bar because the pianist I saw on a Tuesday was like Elton John with an incredible repertoire (think Billy Joel) and the one I’ve seen twice at the weekend really gets the crowd going with indie bar type stuff but all on piano and with an awesome voice too. It’s a winning formula really – especially when you add in scrumptious cocktails.

In the last few months I’ve seen Justin Timberlake, McBusted, Jeff Dunham and for the more “cultural” stuff I’ve seen 1984, Once (twice), Jersey Boys and Wicked.

What else? I’ve been to Hyde Park on a beautiful sunny day, tried the ice cream at Amorino in Soho, eaten nettles in Northall before returning to The Corinthia for fancy cocktails, walked past David Hasslehoff accidentally at the Gumball 300 rally, seen Holland win their first World Cup match in the incredible atmosphere of a Dutch pub and seen over two hours of live theatre at West End Live in Trafalgar Square.

My best friend from uni came to stay and we did lots of touristy things including seeing We Will Rock You, walking through the Portobello Market and finding the two main locations from the film Notting Hill.

I even had my first Boris bike experience wherein we raced others who took the Tube from Earls Court to High Street Kensington (unfortunately it was a loss for Boris).

This weekend I’m planning to go out in Angel and go to Hampstead for the first time and I am just up for trying all sorts at the moment.

That’s what London seems to do to you – it’s infectious, especially with the knowledge that there is so much out there to do and so many places to go.

I love it so much I bought this necklace with my birthday money:

2014-06-25 21.39.51


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