BST Hyde Park – McBusted day

After seeing McBusted at the O2 arena in April, I just couldn’t resist seeing them again so I rounded up two of my best people and set off into Hyde Park for the BST gig on Sunday July 6.

We arrived just before 2.30 and headed straight for the main stage to check out Diversity. I’ve never seen anything quite like them live before and they were good and fun to watch but they didn’t seem to use as much spectacular choreography as you may expect from them. They were still pretty entrancing though and it was a fun way to start the day.

Next was Scouting For Girls, who I actually saw at the Isle of Wight Festival back in 2008. They were fun to watch then, shortly after their first album came out and they were riding high on the success of She’s So Lovely, but they were actually just as awesome on Sunday.

2014-07-06 15.49.46

Going from hits from their first album like Heartbeat and It’s Not About You to later gems (that never kept the same traction but are reasonably loved nonetheless) like Famous and This Ain’t A Love Song. The guys were bouncy, musically together with an awesome horn section who rocked the James Bond theme leading into the perfect pair of I Wish I Was James Bond and Live And Let Die, and they did an awesome surprise happy birthday for the drummer. This was a very good set indeed.

Unfortunately we were then rather disappointed to find out that the second biggest stage, the Barclaycard Theatre, was closed for health and safety reasons and this meant 5ive and Lawson had been cancelled. Lawson weren’t much of an annoyance but 5ive was truly disappointing – they were actually my favourite boyband as a kid.

The organisers managed to reschedule Wheatus onto the Summer Stage but this was an absolute shambles – I’m not sure if it was because of the sound mixing or because that small stage’s sound capacity wasn’t geared to that size crowd, but we did try moving to nearer where the speakers were facing and it was still horrendous. The bass was far too loud and you couldn’t really hear much else, creating a horrible noise that streams of people were just walking away from. We stayed for A Little Respect and that was only bearable because the volume of people singing along resolutely overpowered any sound from the stage whatsoever so at least it wasn’t painful. I felt bad for the band because they were clearly trying to make it great.

We also saw The Vamps on the main stage who weren’t amazing but had their moments – their cover of Mr Brightside wasn’t the best version ever but we got into it anyway because that’s what you do with that song and some of their own songs like Cecelia and Wild Heart were easy and fun to sing along to.

At 6.30 it was time for The Backstreet Boys, which was pretty epic even if they did play a few too many of their brand new songs (they were still enjoyable though, especially when they broke out the dance moves). Even the rain that started absolutely pouring down didn’t ruin their set, although the plethora of umbrellas made seeing the stage rather hard. Highlights were obviously I Want It That Way and Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) which were both epic, especially when McBusted’s James Bourne came on to join in on the former.


Then, at 8.20, the time had come for the climax of the day and McBusted rocked up with their Delorean. I don’t think I could accurately convey how much I loved their set without gushing so I won’t say too much. It was basically the same set as their arena tour but with a few little tweaks and they even played Air Hostess twice, which was greatly appreciated because without that second rendition I knew the last song was next and so it delayed the end a little bit.

The weather at one moment backed the band, offering a faint double rainbow during Five Colours In Her Hair, and at others scorned them by shorting out James and Danny’s guitars, but they went on valiantly and helped each other out which was lovely to see. Again, this is not specifically related to the greatness of the band but the fireworks with the Year 3000 finale just helped to make it even more epic.

There is too much I could mention so I’ll just list some highlights: Danny, Matt and James doing synchronised dancing and singing I Want You Back, all the guys wearing wedding dresses for Crashed the Wedding, Star Girl on the UFO stage…. every song!

P1070557 P1070572 P1070582 P1070593


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