Wilderness Festival Highlights In Brief

I’ve done a full write-up that will be going on the REN Skincare guest blog but for now I just wanted my own round up of the Wilderness weekend (and reminisce since it’s one week on already)…

  • Tackling The Great Tent Challenge. Turns out it’s not always as simple as you may assume to put up a new tent in imperfect ground.
  • Hearing Matthew Quick, best known for writing Silver Linings Playbook, speak about having his book made into a rather less-than-perfect movie, mental health and how to be a writer. I subsequently met him and discussed writing and his words on calling yourself a writer have stuck with me: Simply ‘please do’.
  • Matthew QuickSwimming in the open water of the lake, even though I’m an even weaker swimmer than I thought and it was a bit scary. The water was beautifully and surprisingly warm though.
  • Eating falafels and watching We Were Evergreen’s dreamy folk/electro pop on the bandstand.
  • We Were EvergreenCrepes.
  • Dancing to Metronomy’s headline set, which was brilliant even if you knew absolutely none of the songs.
  • Roller disco-ing for two straight hours! I was absolutely horrendous for at least half of that time, resulting in a gigantic thigh bruise and grazed knee, and Sam’s feet ended up horrifically blistered, but the fun I had whizzing round when I finally got the hang of it made it all worth it, especially as it was accompanied by a solid soundtrack.
  • The tea and cake bus: from breakfast on Saturday this became a recurring destination, especially as it was the best place to warm up on Sunday night. I repeat: you could sit upstairs on an old-fashioned double decker bus with tea and cake. How else would you relax?
  • An hour’s bike ride for £3 during which we went off the beaten track of the festival and even saw three fawn and a stag.
  • Tongue FuTongue Fu, an awesome collective of improvising musicians and hilarious spoken word poets. The highlight was a mash up of Plato and a cat book.
  • Full body massages courtesy of REN. Perfect mid-weekend relaxation.
  • Burt Bacharach, the legend, who sang Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head twice and inspired an uprising of umbrellas through the crowd.
  • Burt BacharachCrepes.
  • sam bingoSpontaneous hip hop bingo, at which Sam was stripped topless on stage to dance when he won an inflatable banana, followed by a magical macarena.
  • Yoga stopped abruptly by torrential rain.
  • Archery interrupted slightly by torrential rain.
  • An hour spent in the Jaffa & Neale bookshop tent with tea, cake and books to avoid the torrential rain.
  • Discovering The Bookshop Band and managing to not cry at their beautiful song based on The Fault In Our Stars.
  • The Bookshop BandWordTheatre Cosmos, a cool performance from The Wilderness Orchestra and eight actors (including Jack Whitehall) playing and reading pieces, works and quotes inspired by space, highlights of which were an extract from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and some regal Bach.
  • Sam Smith and the moment he was joined by the London Contemporary Voices for Stay With Me.
  • Sam SmithCrepes.
  • London Grammar’s ethereal set with a full moon backdrop.London Grammar + beautiful full moon

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