Minions the movie – giggles and lighthearted fun

From the opening shot of the Universal logo, but with accompanying music sung by a chorus of minions, I was giggling. Minions is one of those animated movies that is as much of a guilty pleasure for parents – and indeed those without children like me – as it is a hit with the kids.

In the brilliant Geoffrey Rush-narrated opening, we see the minions from their dawn as single-celled organisms who follow the biggest, meanest fish around, to T. rex groupies, to accidental caveman assassins. This is wonderful, playing with the goofiness and silliness of a whole flock of minions in a clever tour through history.

Then when the plot proper begins, with the minions hiding out in an Antarctic cave, the yellow rascals are depressed without an evil master to serve. Kevin decides to take one for the team and go out and find a villain and hippie-ish Stuart and childlike Bob (along with his ever-present teddy bear) are along for the ride.

Although Minions may not combine its charm with a very clever plot like The Lego Movie, it is never less than enjoyable. As long as Kevin, Stuart or Bob are on screen – or indeed the rest of their posse either playing football with no energy in a hilarious scene, buttering up yetis or making their way across the world to meet the adventurous trio – there are smiles and laughs to be had.

Highlights include the hitchhiking minions getting picked up by a criminal family who stop off for a quick robbery, some of villainous Scarlet Overkill’s evil sultriness and her husband’s gadgets, King Bob, and a cameo from Despicable Me’s Gru at the end.

There has been some backlash from people who don’t understand the power of the minions over the public psyche, and admittedly the scale of the merchandising is a tad much, but they are cute and always amusing and if you suspend a layer of adultness then you will be entertained.



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