Meet the cat – it’s Shanti!

On Wednesday August 26, Frazer and I became parents to a lovely rescue cat called Shanti.

2015-08-28 23.05.56

It was a whirlwind decision. We had been looking after my parents’ lovely Burmese cats, Boris and Cookie, while their new flat was being refurbished. As the date of their departure grew near, we began speaking about the void they were going to leave in our lives and how we should look for a rescue cat or two to call our own.

2015-09-12 21.36.29Then on Sunday August 23, the day of cat relinquishing and my dad’s 50th birthday, we were talking to our family about this and suddenly my sister-in-law Hannah recalled one of her friends was looking to rehome her cat as a sad side effect of moving house.

We got in touch with Claire immediately and within hours had gone round to meet Shanti – and she moved in just three days later.

Shanti has an interesting life story as far as we’ve been told – she used to be a stray and lived at the bottom of an Indian family’s garden – hence the name, which means ‘peace’ in Hindi. She had one litter, which they were able to give away, but when she bore another litter they had her taken to a small rescue charity. From there she went to live with Claire.

She’s turned into quite a cheeky lady – she managed to get two breakfasts out of us one Saturday due to our lack of communication and her seeming so angry to me that she hadn’t been fed yet at 9am. Plus she chastises you with her paw if you stop her scratching one place for too long and she’s just quite demanding, usually in the most adorable way.

She has completely dismissed her new cat bed but likes sleeping on our bed – both during the day and at night, when she typically either sleeps next to me or on my pillow. Then shortly before my alarm goes off she starts tapping me for breakfast.

2015-09-11 23.09.27

Shanti is a lap cat when she feels like it, which makes me so warm and fuzzy inside, but equally sometimes she just wants to be near her humans which is equally sweet.

Having a cat around the house makes me feel very happy, with a little someone to love and adore. However weird it is to have a real living thing depending on us!

2015-09-04 22.02.23

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