Michael McIntyre – Happy and Glorious tour at Wembley Arena

Playing to his ‘home crowd’ having just travelled just 10 minutes down the road – hilariously, so he said, past all the people who live on the North Circular stuck in their houses – Michael McIntyre brought the house down at Wembley Arena with his new Happy and Glorious tour.

I was worried he wouldn’t be able to match past successes – with jokes that can be referenced with short phrases like ‘five spice’, ‘man drawer’ and ‘no juice’ – but there were still plenty of brilliant moments in there.

Brits on holiday, often a source of embarrassment for fellow tourists, made for a hilarious encore – especially the idea of dads dragging sun umbrellas in circular motions in an attempt to save their kids from the sun.

The well-off comedian’s move to a house in the countryside also proved fruitful, with well-told anecdotes about the absolute pitch black there compared to London and the harrowing noises rural foxes make.

McIntyre even made a comical point by getting his ridiculously shaped calves out, made so after years of walking on his toes. With some comedians this could end up self-centred and undramatic but his physical humour showcasing different walks, especially those in the chiropodist’s office, was absolutely spot on.

The theme of ridiculous things women do was a theme carried on from warm up Paul Tonkinson, a Northern comedian best known for The Big Breakfast. Tonkinson did a great bit on his wife’s nights out with friends and the inevitable sequence of drunken events and rituals therein, while McIntyre’s crowning glory was a simple one – his wife’s movements in bed, which seemed to hit home with a lot of men in the crowd.

Finally, there’s of course got to be some topical banter at the start of every comedy show and this time (on October 23) it came in discussion of daylight summer time – and how everyone just gives up and leaves the car clock wrong for six months – and dealing with children during half term.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable and accessible for all show from a comedian who is still at the top of his stand up game.



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