Why I’m a Shoreditch Cereal Killer Cafe convert

2015-11-28 19.52.44Hear the words Shoreditch and cereal cafe and my instant reaction was always ‘hipster nonsense’.

But I’m here to say I take it back. While plenty of stuff in Shoreditch is ridiculous that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or that it should all be dismissed in one fell swoop.

I decided this on Saturday night during a spontaneous visit to the Cereal Killer Cafe in Brick Lane. It was off to a good start since I’m a big fan of a good pun – especially one that’s followed up with cereal art of Hannibal Lecter here – and it seemed like the perfect novelty thing to do on a rare trip to east London.

2015-11-28 19.56.43On stepping into the cafe it looks quite small and packed in with the walls are coated in cereal boxes and other memorabilia and most of the seating tucked away downstairs.

It is instantly cosy and something a bit different, and it’s fun spotting all the unusual cereals dotted around – from Star Wars and X-Men to Monsters Inc and Minions, not to mention the huge range of American goodies that are exotic and exciting to us in the UK.

Despite all these unusual cereals that I’m sure would have been a treat by themselves – 120 different varieties, in fact – I decided to try one of the cereal cocktails which sounded like magical combinations of flavours.

2015-11-28 20.05.35
The Chocopottomus

I chose the Chocopottomus (another great name) which included Coco Pops, Krave, a Happy Hippo and chocolate milk. The bites which included bits of hippo, and therefore the creamy goodness inside, were better than anything you could ever get in a gourmet restaurant. Either my tastebuds never developed or life is just better simple.

One friend opted for The Lion King, comprising Lion cereal, coco caramel Shreddies, Mars mix and caramel mix. I hear that was pretty good too. A third went for Cinnabons, a classic choice.2015-11-28 20.04.07

Meanwhile other memorabilia to admire included Stay Puft man marshmallows, all sorts of cereal freebies, VHSes and flavoured lip balms that alone almost took me back to being 12 again.

Much has been made of the fact that a bowl of cereal can cost almost £5, depending on what you get. Although this is undeniably a lot for a bowl of cereal, a basic breakfast item for which £5 would feed you for weeks at a supermarket, it’s the novelty, the American imports and the high Brick Lane overheads you’re paying for.

I get it. It’s the experience, not just a bowl of cereal. Worth a fun experience just once, I’d say.



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