Frenchie Covent Garden: vegetarian food review

2016-02-20 19.11.42
The carrot dish

A new restaurant opened in February in Henrietta Street, just off Covent Garden Piazza. The man behind  a popular Parisian restaurant and wine bar has brought his spectacular French cuisine to London, and the city’s food scene must be better for it.

Although the restaurant does not yet have a full website, we called ahead to check there were vegetarian options and were assured there were. However, upon arrival I was concerned to see there was maybe one veggie friendly small plate and one big plate on the menu.

However, upon asking one of the loveliest waiters I have ever known, he insisted that they could pretty much prepare anything and come up with a whole host of vegetarian concoctions. Just tell him what vegetables I don’t like and he’ll check with the chef and make me a surprise, he said.

2016-02-20 19.11.27
The truffle tagliatelle

No tomatoes, no mushrooms I said. And I was very happy with what came out – the carrot small dish from the menu, with delectable sauces (which I can’t quite define, sorry!), a creamy tagliatelle with truffles, and a vegetarian version of the cod dish which replaced the centrepiece ingredient with a root vegetable. Frenchie outdid itself accommodating me, so thank you kitchen and waiting staff alike!

2016-02-20 19.20.32
The veggie ‘cod’

We also got cocktails- all were very inventive, with unusual ingredients such as earl grey or fragrances of grass and wood. I can confirm at least that the Frenchman In New York was very tasty, and felt like a sophisticated drink to accompany the fancy meal.

I was too stuffed on good food to try the desserts but can report they looked interesting and fruity.

It was more expensive than my normal meal out – but I’m traditionally a big fan of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizza Express or the number two at Franco Manca – while still within reach as a treat. Dishes ranged from about £12 to £18. Cocktails were £12.50.

The staff went out of their way to make sure I enjoyed the evening and it was a lovely atmosphere with a classy menu. Good luck Frenchie.



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