McFly Anthology tour – why it is so exciting (unless you didn’t get tickets)

On Monday (April 25) McFly announced a series of tour dates, marking their return after two and a half years off as a foursome. There were, of course, two McBusted tours and an album in that time, but many McFly fans weren’t into this as it reportedly interrupted the production of an album which we may now never see (and it’s a fallacy to say that all McFly fans are Busted fans, and vice versa).

Tom and Harry at McBusted’s Hyde Park show in 2014

Anyway, we finally got what we wanted and actually I think it’s much more exciting than just the usual arena or theatre tour. McFly will play all five of their albums in order over the course of three nights in four cities (London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester), plus ‘the hits’ at each gig too. This is really innovative, and a clever reason for the guys to get back out on tour without either having new material or just playing a greatest hits setlist.

What’s more, the venues are relatively intimate- the O2 Forum in Kentish Town has a capacity of 2,300 for example, compared to 20,000 at the O2 Arena. It’s been a long time since we had McFly gigs this small scale and it will undoubtedly be something quite special (not that their arena gigs weren’t always spectacular). It will be even more up close and personal than the 10th anniversary Royal Albert Hall shows in September 2013.

Obviously this does mean it was incredibly difficult to get tickets. They went on sale the very same week as the tour was announced, with an O2 presale on Wednesday, Live Nation presale on Thursday and general sale on Friday.

The McFly boys at the end of their first Royal Albert Hall show in 2013

I, like thousands of others – if Twitter and Facebook is anything to go by – was online ready to go for 9am on both Thursday and Friday. However on Thursday the link to buy tickets was not live for me until about 9:04am and by then all the tickets appeared to have gone. Then on Friday I was in straight away on Ticketmaster but they were all unavailable nonetheless, both the ‘three shows one click’ tickets and the individual London show tickets. We found out later the tickets sold out in 15 minutes.

Luckily my dad managed to get tickets through a special American Express link. Otherwise I definitely would have been one of the people suffering sorrow, desperation and emptiness, as so aptly described by SugarScape here.

I’ve seen fans on social media in the past few days blaming Danny, Dougie, Tom and Harry, and saying they should have known this would happen and should have done something about it. Well, as Tom so succinctly put it in this video, they have nothing to do with the ticketing process and basically just have to trust others to deal with it well. They are musicians not Ticketmaster agents!

Others are begging them to add more dates. While in an ideal world obviously they would play in every city fans wanted to keep everyone happy, one half of the band have had babies born in the past few months, while Dougie is pursuing acting in LA and Danny is working with other artists too. They clearly planned this length of a tour for a reason. And to go to just one more city would automatically add three more dates to the tour.

I know those who missed out on tickets won’t be comforted by this, but I do think we should be grateful for the time McFly is putting into this and the fact they’ve planned such a unique series of gigs.


What do you think?

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