Amazing a cappella: The Sons of Pitches at the Union Chapel, London

The Sons of Pitches are a six-strong male a cappella group who won TV choirmaster Gareth Malone’s The Naked Choir competition in 2015. Now they’ve just toured the UK and as good as they came across on the show, it was nothing to how fun, charming and just impeccable they are live on stage.

This was immediately obvious as the first song was an unusual but brilliant introduction to the group, going through each member and then asking if everyone from the audience to the lighting and sound guys were ready to go. They then launched into Move, a Little Mix cover which was my highlight from The Naked Choir and which retained its original hilarious (hip popping) choreography.

The gig continued in the same vein – some unique stuff to them plus some covers they’ve made their own. Standouts include Blondie’s Heart of Glass in a gypsy jazz style, the groovy Sorry by Justin Bieber and their haunting version of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.


Another unique aspect to the show were the two improvisations inspired by suggestions from the audience: one a ditty on Islington house prices being too high in the style of klezmer, and the other based on a crowd member’s text which read ‘the bread was amazing, didn’t touch the sides’ in the styles of musical theatre and grime. Both were genius and hilarious.

Also a highlight was the boyband medley whizzing through the decades of boyband. Every line was brilliant, but it peaked with the classic Boyzone key change when the boys all stood up from their stools in unison. Of course.

On top of all these incredible a cappella interpretions of other songs, the boys also brought their own original music to finish the show which greatly exceeded expectations. Colour me impressed.

There’s only one way to put this: I was so impressed by this gig, and enjoyed myself so much sitting there grinning and laughing at the stage, I bought a ticket for the November Cadogan Hall show as soon as I got home.



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