Guys and Dolls again – with Rebel Wilson star power

I wrote about Guys and Dolls at the Savoy Theatre back in April here.

The production has since moved to the Phoenix Theatre in Charing Cross Road and changed a fair bit of the cast. And for eight weeks, until August 21, that includes sexism-defying Hollywood actress/comedian Rebel Wilson as Miss Adelaide.

Putting her own touch on the Hot Box singer and 14-year fiancee of Nathan Detroit, Rebel made the most of every opportunity for a cheeky, slightly outrageous joke and often had the audience roaring with laughter. She definitely brought a comedic edge to the show that gave it an extra oomph, especially as the audience was clearly willing her to do well.


It’s worth noting that she wasn’t *just* funny though. She has a belter of a voice and was also sometimes quite heart-breakingly nuanced in her scenes with Nathan. Rebel exceeded my expectations in this role and deserves to be seen on stage!

I also enjoyed Oliver Tompsett as Sky Masterson. He had the right level of sleaze but was also charming and had a fantastic voice to boot. Luck Be a Lady was a definite highlight.

Simon Lipkin was a totally different Nathan Detroit than I’ve ever seen before (compare and contrast with Richard Kind for example!) but absolutely rocked it and made it his own. He was also hilarious, especially with Rebel as they played off each other so well, and he really endeared the audience to that irresponsible crap game organiser.

It’s also worth noting that I saw it with understudy Frankie Jenna as Sarah Brown and she did a fantastic job.

But my favourite character will always be Nicely Nicely Johnson, played wonderfully here by Gavin Spokes! (How could it not be, when he sings Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat, Guys and Dolls and Fugue for Tinhorns all so brilliantly?)

The whole production is a joy and I’m so glad I came to see it a second time with this fantastic cast.



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