Happy 6th anniversary Frazer

Dear Frazer,

You’ve been on the other side of the world for five months and I miss you so much! But that’s also my excuse for not sending you a present – I would have had to remember weeks ago, and I did not because I’m useless. I hope this is a nice replacement.

This is the card I saw and thought of you:


It’s tough to speak properly sometimes between England and New Zealand, especially when the time zone keeps changing and I’m working odd shifts. But it’s always a pleasure and a highlight of my day, even when we are too tired to speak about anything but Shanti. She enjoys being a key topic of conversation.

I am glad you’re pursuing your dream and am hopeful it will mean we both get to be happy doing what we want to do and we’ll be an awesome team wherever we end up. With Shanti completing our trio, of course.


We’ve had some awesome times together so far, in New Zealand, Cornwall, Majorca, Tenerife, Paris, York and London. Though often our best times are when we stay in and hang out and you bother me and we eat pizza (recommended but not essential).

Yours, forever.

PS. I’ve made you this soppy (but also cool) playlist:

And here are just a few photos from the past six years…


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