Things to be grateful for

In today’s fast-paced world, surrounded by news of Trump and Brexit and celebrities dying, it’s easy to get caught up and forget what’s really important in your own life.

Even if you manage to ignore the cyclic nature of the news as driven by social media, repeating the same fears and worries and bad news over and over, most of us are still racing around to and from work with barely a second thought about the important things which are quickly passing us by.

So, inspired by this post on The Pool (which is always on point) I have decided to spend a week listing three good things I’m grateful for each day – because it’s important to pause, remember, and let these positive thoughts rise to the forefront of our priorities.

Friday November 18

  1. Spending the morning cuddling my cat (I will resist listing this every day!)
  2. The sketch with Eddie Redmayne and Mel and Sue on Children In Need
  3. A chilly run alongside the Thames

Saturday November 19

  1. A much-needed lie-in
  2. Watching the whole second series of Lovesick
  3. Hanging out with my (currently) invalid brother

Sunday November 20

  1. New hair
  2. Seeing Natasha in Chelsea (and giving into the temptation of pick ‘n’ mix)
  3. Seeing Eddie Redmayne in a new film (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

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Sloane Square getting festive.

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Monday November 21

  1. Oliver buying me Quorn sausage rolls for lunch at work when I was hungry and desperate
  2. Grinning through a concert by The Sons of Pitches and dancing at the end
  3. Finishing the book The Penguin Lessons and feeling both happy and sad about it

Tuesday November 22

  1. Being able to go to concert band rehearsal for the first time in about a month
  2. Discovering Garfunkel & Oates on Netflix
  3. Pizza

Wednesday November 23

  1. Kind words from colleagues
  2. A good run on the treadmill
  3. Preparations for an exciting day ahead

Thursday November 24

  1. Picking up the award for NCTJ trainee journalist of the year from BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar!
  2. A night out with my parents and champagne
  3. Seeing the Christmas lights at Gunwharf Quays
With John Pienaar

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