Sharing the love: Lessons in compliments from my cat

As anyone who’s met me in the past year-and-a-half is probably aware, I have a cat. She’s called Shanti and she’s very fluffy and cuddly.

On any given day, I’ll probably say most or all of these things to her:

“You’re lovely.” “You’re so pretty!” “You’re beeeautiful.” “You’re perfect.” “You’re my bestest friend!” and so on.

All normal things for a crazy cat lady to say to her feline friend.

But one day I got thinking – how come I, or indeed so many of us, don’t give these compliments to our real-life human friends with remotely the same regularity?

Sure, we’re nervous around other humans – they react to and understand our feelings. It can be embarrassing. Cats, on the other hand, can be talked at without any risk of messiness.

But human friends need to be nurtured just like cats do (though you probably don’t need to worry about getting your best mate dinner every night).

Most of all, we should be supporting the ladies in our lives. Women are getting together to march – all around the world! Amazing! – yet rarely pause to say ‘hey, you’re beautiful, girl’.

So, as well as telling Shanti how beautiful she is, I’d like to add:

Mum, you’re awesome!

Natasha, your smile is the best!

Layla, you’re so kind!

Hannah, you’re beautiful!

Becky, you’re the coolest!

And I’d like to share the love with all the other ladies out there who should be complimented like I compliment my cat.

Let’s all make an effort to say these things out loud and make sure kindness and love are the most vocal emotions around.


What do you think?

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