To Shanti cat, my best friend

To Shanti Shants, my best friend

You brought so much joy into our lives in the 2 3/4 years that we knew you.

From the timid, unsure cat who hid under the sofa when we first got you – forcing us to feed you through that tiny gap – you blossomed quickly into the third and equal member of our family, often yelling at us in your silent way when you considered it was time for more food.

Walking through the front door will never, ever be the same again without you waiting just inches inside for dinner – or just for company from your humans.

Even when Frazer was already home, you almost always walked up the hallway to greet me when I came home from work and seeing you was so often the highlight of my day.

I’ll miss you every time we eat pizza, knowing that our Pizza Cat is no longer there. I’ll think of you when we get Byron delivered, remembering the time when we left the rubbish on the table and you mauled it, licked the containers clean and took the rubbish all the way to the bedroom to your bed (which you hardly ever slept in, of course, preferring to lie on our jumpers and in some really random places). I’ll always remember how you ate an entire bread roll one night, you fought through cling film to eat Frazer’s mum’s homemade fruit cake, and you got very sniffy and interested whenever Frazer had Sainsbury’s brownie bites.

I’ll be sad when I go to bed and you’re not there with me, either on my chest or on my pillow. I’m glad I had you on my pillow for your penultimate night with us, no matter how uncomfortable it was when you left barely any space for my head.

I’ll miss seeing you lying out in the sun on the balcony. I’ll miss the times you sat on my lap for two hours on end, and the times it was just a quick five-minute cuddle. I’ll miss when I go for a shower in the evening, just before your supper time, and leave the bathroom to find you staring intently at the doorway in wait – often from just a few inches away.

I’m so sad you’re gone but I’m so happy we had the time together that we did. You looked after me while Frazer was doing his pilot training, including for eight months when he was in New Zealand while it really was just you and me against the world. I’m so glad I had your loving, loyal company. I was never lonely when I was with you.

I hope you’re somewhere where you’ll never feel unwell ever again. I hope you’ll be able to eat all your favourite foods again. I hope I can see you again one day and lie next to you and rub our faces together again,  as I rub your tummy and stroke your fluffy tail. I want to kiss the top of your head even just one more time.

I love you so much and I always will. So does Frazer. You completed our little family and you’ll always hold such a special place in our hearts.

Sleep tight, Shanti my love xxxxxx

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