Mark and Hannah – wedding readings and music

Firstly, HUGE congratulations to my big brother and his beautiful new wife Hannah on starting their married life together.

I was very touched to be asked to do a reading at the ceremony and decided to try and write something so it was slightly more personal… in the end it was very last minute so I wasn’t happy enough to read it in front of people but I don’t mind sharing it here:

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Starting To Write

Writing a blog post comes fairly quickly to me. Although there are some days when I get fidgety easily and it therefore takes a while to process and get down my thoughts, on others I can easily knock one or even two posts out with no trouble at all.

Unfortunately, it takes a bit more to get the flow going for creative writing.

I’ve had an idea in my head for a couple of months now – I may even have two – but try as I might I just haven’t been able to start. I’m confident that once I’ve started, perhaps when I’ve got one chapter, then it’ll be a lot easier to keep going. Not easy, but it will certainly be better than looking at a blank page and wondering what words to spit out.

I haven’t yet told anyone what my novel will be about, if I ever do write it down: if it never makes it out of my head then perhaps I’ll write a concept post about it, but for now it’s too embarrassing to describe.

Starting is just a scary thing: until you begin, there’s no chance of failure. The second you write a sentence, a page, a chapter but don’t finish it, or do finish it and it’s bad, then you’ve failed at your venture and you will feel bad about that. Better to hide from the problem and never put yourself out there, right?

Well, of course not, but that’s just the initial fear that any writer has to work past. I’ll get there eventually, even if I waste the whole summer and later have to fit it in around more time constraints. I’ve done other writing and non-writing things this summer so I don’t feel bad about wasting it, but I do feel a little bad about letting one of my last expanses of time fly by.

If you’re a writer, do you have any tips for starting that you wouldn’t mind sharing? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d benefit from them!