It’s the little things that matter when it comes to self-care

January is traditionally the time for self improvement, new life goals or big changes, with New Year’s resolutions and trends like Dry January and Veganuary. But it’s also the deepest darkest month, the glum period after Christmas, and the time when it’s acceptable to stay in all weekend and be cosy on the sofa.

So I gradually begun making some small changes at the end of the month and start of February instead, largely in an attempt to stop myself falling indefinitely into indifference and laziness outside work hours.

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Things to be grateful for

In today’s fast-paced world, surrounded by news of Trump and Brexit and celebrities dying, it’s easy to get caught up and forget what’s really important in your own life.

Even if you manage to ignore the cyclic nature of the news as driven by social media, repeating the same fears and worries and bad news over and over, most of us are still racing around to and from work with barely a second thought about the important things which are quickly passing us by.

So, inspired by this post on The Pool (which is always on point) I have decided to spend a week listing three good things I’m grateful for each day – because it’s important to pause, remember, and let these positive thoughts rise to the forefront of our priorities.

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Stephen Fry vs Twitter

hqdefaultJust hours after hosting the Baftas, Stephen Fry has quit Twitter and deleted his account (not for the first time). He joked that costume designer Jenny Beavan, who collected an award for Mad Max: Fury Road wearing a leather jacket, trousers, scarf and shirt, had come dressed as a bag lady, to noises of shock from the star-studded audience.

Soon after the joke appeared on TV he Tweeted that they were dear friends and she got it. So calling Beavan a ‘bag lady’ was a fun in-joke between them. But how was the audience to know that? He could have established that before throwing an insult, which understandably people got defensive about. Women in the industry have enough to deal with as it is.

Beavan showed up to an awards ceremony in her own clothes and own style rather than a glamorous gown. Good for her! And she won! So without knowing they knew each other, of course it was interpreted as a mean, bitchy comment.

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