What I’ve been watching in April/May…



I’ve been a Stephen King fan for many years, but I haven’t actually read this book yet (there’s a copy from the Waterloo book market in a pile next to my bed). I unusually decided it would be fine to go ahead and watch the TV show first, mostly because I’d heard good things coming over from America and also because of the involvement of James Franco, JJ Abrams and King himself.

The show follows Franco as he goes back in time through an anomalous time portal to try and save JFK from assassination and hopefully change the world for the better. I’m happy to say I found it totally gripping and addictive, unbelievably tense in places, and also incredibly well acted. I loved it so much that now I really want to read the book just so I can live through that intense plot again.

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Deadpool: Gory superhero fun

Deadpool is not your normal superhero movie. It’s a 15, for one thing. Warning: the amount of blood and gore certainly justifies that!

It’s also more juvenile and cheeky (read: crude) than most. I’ve seen this as a criticism in many reviews, but although it’s not the most enjoyable thing about the film, it doesn’t mar it as much as many have said. These jokes are a presence in the movie but don’t really take away from everything else great that’s going on.

And what’s going on is that Ryan Reynolds, People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010 as meta-referenced in the movie, plays Wade Wilson. Wilson becomes extremely un-handsome when he gets terminal cancer in his liver, lungs, prostrate and brain and is tempted into an underground lab where he is promised he will be cured and turned into a superhero. But, as he later finds out, it’s more like super slave…

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